Sunday, August 19, 2012

PASS Virtual Chapter August presentations

If you do not know by now, PASS has many virtual chapters that give free webcasts all month long. I have helped chair the Data Architecture VC for the past year or so, started by volunteering  with the Performance VC for about 6 months and have done presentations on the BI/DW VC. Please visit the Virtual Chapter site for more information -

Tuesday at noon Eastern, I will be presenting on SSIS 2012 – CDC, DQS and Catalog for the BI/DW VC. More info below.

Also, the recorded presentation from this past Thursday’s Data Architecture VC is now uploaded in the Meeting Archive. Louis Davidson will do part 2 later this fall. His example code can be found at in the presentation section.

Tue August 21st 12pm-1pm EST

Using SSIS 2012 for ETL in a Data Warehouse

Speaker: Thomas LeBlanc


This session will go through some old and new features of Integration Service 2012 to help with loading data into a Data Warehouse/Mart. The GUI has been improved visually during design and execution. The storage of packages has been update with Integration Service Catalogs. The Change Data Capture task helps with incremental updates. Logging has been improved for debugging. A demonstration of creating your own Slowly Changing Dimension with current Tasks will be shown with some design hints.

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