Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Simple-Talk Article

In December, I was asked to write an article(s) on Database Refactoring. It started as 2 topics, but then consolidated into one. I really wanted to talk about the database design issues I see with a development department. Please give some time to reading the article and comment. First, I would like to thank for Simple-Talk team for the editing process which was first class and very, very useful.


The comments are really for the new developer who needs some guidance on designing databases. I wish everybody had the MIS class I took at LSU for Entity-Relationship diagrams. Back then(86-91), the ER Diagram and Data Diagram were 2 separate pieces to the database. You looked at the conceptual design before the physical implementation.

I am started to wonder if Agile/Scrum methods are starting to water down the design sessions for application development. Or maybe not :)

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