Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winton Marsalis and Fragmentation

With replication and mirroring on our large databases, there is a limit on the amount of reindexing that can be done each evening. We have a job that loops through a couple of tables to pick what to attempt to reindex/reorg on a nightly basis. Recently, it has been updated to a better structure of lookup tables and 3 levels of possible work:

1. Rebuild if AvgFrag > 60 or AvgPageSpaceUsed <> 30 or AvgPageSpaceUsed < 65
3. Update Stats

I added a History table to record State/End Date and Before/After AvgFrag & SpaceUsed

We hope after a couple of months we can get some useful statistics to change FillFactor on some indexes.

Tuesday night I brought my girlfriend to see Winton Marsalis and the Jazz Lincoln Center ensemble performing in Baton Rouge. The set started with some old and new swing, then finished with 7 works dedicated to 7 different artists. The composer explained how the song was written with the artist and his/her works of art in mind.

It gave a unique view in how any type of work you do can be art...

God Bless and keep smiling,
Thomas :)

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