Saturday, September 27, 2014

PASS got it right

This morning I received an email (really 3 emails) about an extension for voting for the Board of Directors giving anyone registered with PASS before June of 2014. I think this is fair and gives those that have been active, but did not update their profile a chance to vote.

I read some posts about not being able to vote, passwords exposed, etc. with concern but patience. One thing I have learned over the years is I have to listen to all sides of the story before making a statement. Usually, I do not do this because of my inpatient personality. This happened with work this past Friday while I should have been enjoying PTO because of the birth of my son. :)

PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) has enabled me and many others I know, advance in our careers. There is money involved with this organization, and I think that causes some tension in our minds. I really believe some have voiced concern to get more attention to their blog (which is their consultant company).

I received 3 emails because I have at some point in the past registered with PASS under 3 different accounts. I do not remember why and when I did this, but I need to inactivate the 2 I do not use. This is my part in helping PASS maintain the list of valid members.

I read Andy Warren’s post about who he is voting for and why, and see the problems with PASS opening the association to more than just SQL Server professionals. I actually agree with him even though my career is migrating from a DBA role to Business Analytics. I also agree with his suggestions for the following years.

Here is why I was on PTO last week.

DSCN1425    DSCN1421

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PASS Summit 2014 Announcements

In case you do not receive the PASS connector, here are some announcements for this year’s summit on Nov 3rd – 7th.

Day 2 Keynote -  Dr. Rimma Nehme from Jim Gray’s System Lab

Apparently, Dr. Mehme is a Polybase and query optimization expert from Microsoft and she will be talking Cloud 101. I am not involved in the Cloud, YET, but I feel it coming. This might be a great opportunity to listen to what is coming down the pipes. Polybase is the Microsoft product for Big Data in the Cloud, so I am sure we are going to hear how MS is going to lead the way in this technology. There are no sessions during the Keynotes, so everybody should have time to attend these morning starters.

24 Hours of PASS

Last year, I was able to present during the Summit Preview Edition and have hosted many sessions over the years. This is a great event to showcase the up coming Summit. Did I mention these are FREE? The session have speakers from the 2014 Summit and are going to show what they will be presenting on at the Summit.

WIT luncheon speaker Kimberly Bryant

During the summit, there are special events continuously happening all through the 5 day summit (1st 2 days are pre-conference sessions and last 3 days are regular and half-day sessions). One was started as a Women In Technology (WIT), but has morphed into getting everybody involved with promoting careers in technology. This year must be a little different because previous years usually have a panel. Kimberly Bryant from Black Girls Code (BGC) has been selected as the luncheon speaker on the Nov 6th luncheon.

Featured Blog: “PASS Summit 2014 Speaker Idol Competition”

“PASS Summit is hosting its first Speaker Idol competition, a chance for 12 new speakers to improve their skills and win a slot at next year’s Summit. Are you ready to take the challenge?Read Denny Cherry’s post announcing the rules, and qualifications to join as a contestant.” Pass Connector