Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SQLSaturday #56 BI Edition in Dallas

Since I was missing PASS this year, not happy, I decided to drive to Dallas to attend a BI Edition of SQLSaturday on Oct 23rd, 2010.

This event was scaled back from a full SQLSaturday with 2 sponsors, Microsoft and Artis. So, there was not a lot of Vendor information, which help the Dallas SQLSaturday crew not have to attend to them. They were probably able to see some sessions instead.

Got to meet Ryan Adams along with Trevor, Tim Mitchell, Vic Prabhu and some new faces.


Above are Vic and Tim, the crowd and Sean.

Here are some more pictures.




More Pictures:

I presented Transition from DBA to BI Architect, a new presentation. The main points were learning Dimensional Modeling which is not denormalization, but an actual technique and learning the Design Process, SDLC, for a BI department. If you were like me, my DBA duties included more support than design. So, I went through the last couple of months of work I have been doing along with the books I have been reading and bring my developer hat back into the mix.

SQL Server Deep Dives has a great section on BI. 2 authors were at this event, John Welch (Data Profiling) and Erin Welker (BI for the relational guy). It was amazing, as I was presenting and talking about the book, Erin walked into the main room, then I meet John in the Speakers room.

CXPACKET series coming soon.

God Bless,