Friday, July 12, 2013

24 Hours of PASS: Preview to Slicing and Dicing Summit Session and more…

For 24 Hours of PASS 2013 Summit preview (#24HOP – twitter hash tag), I was asked to give a preview of the 1/2 day session on Slicing and Dicing in Analysis Serves 2012 for the upcoming PASS Summit 2013. My response: No Problem.

In Denver, it was the year 2007 when I attended the first Summit. I had never been to a SQL Server conference before and just happened to read about it on My boss thought it was a good idea for both of us to attend, Wow, what an experience that the first year! I sat through session after session of presentations on SQL Server stuff I had never known before. We used the SSC code to get a discount and a visit to the Casino Night put on by Steve Jones and gang.

Now, the tables have turned, and I have to present while expecting the attendees to learn the same as I had learned in 2007. By the third Summit in 2009, I was thinking: Hey, I can do that.

Analysis Services caught my attention because of the degree I received at LSU – Quantitative Business Analysis. I was amazed at what OLAP could do with data. This lead to reading Kimball books and a lot of trial and error. The meat of everything seemed the entry into a dimensional model, and this was through Attributes and Hierarchies.

This preview is about the defaults in Analysis Services Multidimensional Cubes and what needs to be changed or configured before using Attributes and Hierarchies.

Please come online with us on July 31st thru August 1st and get a taste of what you can expect from the Summit in Charlotte, NC Oct 14-18, 2013. You can pick one and more sessions to learn more about SQL Server.

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