Friday, August 13, 2010

SQLSaturday Baton Rouge #28

Come one, come all to the largest FREE technology event ever in Baton Rouge and probably in Louisiana.

600+ registered attendees to network with and 58 sessions from beginners to advanced. Many MS MVPs from SQL Server and .Net

I will be presenting about Database Normalization and how important it it.

Track Starts Session Title Speaker

.Net 1 07:30 AM .NET 3.5 Fundamentals Mike Huguet

.Net 1 9:00 AM Zen Coding Brian Rigsby

.Net 1 10:15 AM Getting Started with the Entity Framework 4.0 Rob Vettor

.Net 1 11:30 AM Zen Testing Brian Rigsby

.Net 1 01:30 PM C# Ninjitsu Chris Eargle

.Net 1 2:45 PM Advance Your Debugging Skills with VS 2010 Rob Vettor

.Net 1 4:00 PM 6 Months of putting VS2010 and TFS thru the Paces Michael Moles

.Net 2 9:00 AM Exploratory Testing with Microsoft Test Manager Vaneshia Leachman

.Net 2 10:15 AM Building Richer Web Applications with SP2010 Kyle Kelin

.Net 2 11:30 AM The Best of Visual Studio 2010 Zain Naboulsi

.Net 2 01:30 PM 3P's (Principles, patterns and performance) of SD Chander Dhall

.Net 2 2:45 PM Introduction to NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate Brian Sullivan

.Net 2 4:00 PM RESTful Data Chris Eargle

Apps\Cloud\Personal Development 9:00 AM Building a Testable Data Access Layer Todd Anglin

Apps\Cloud\Personal Development 10:15 AM The Modern Resume: Building Your Brand Steve Jones

Apps\Cloud\Personal Development 11:30 AM Getting SQL Service Broker Up and Running Denny Cherry

Apps\Cloud\Personal Development 01:30 PM Intro to Windows Azure Ryan Duclos

Apps\Cloud\Personal Development 2:45 PM Azure - Best Practices Chander Dhall

Apps\Cloud\Personal Development 4:00 PM SharePoint 2010 Management with PowerShell Cody Gros

BI\SSRS 07:30 AM Breakfast Basics, SSAS Cube Creation Barry Ralston

BI\SSRS 9:00 AM An Introduction to Power Pivot Bryan Smith

BI\SSRS 10:15 AM Get your Mining Model Predictions out to all Steve Simon

BI\SSRS 11:30 AM Can you control your reports? Ryan Duclos

BI\SSRS 01:30 PM Data Mining.. Making $mart financial decisions Steve Simon

BI\SSRS 2:45 PM College Football and MSFT Business Intelligence Barry Ralston

BI\SSRS 4:00 PM My first SQL Report Mark Verret

DB Design & App Dev 9:00 AM iPhone Development using .NET and Monotouch Jason Awbrey

DB Design & App Dev 10:15 AM Efficient Data Warehouse Design Suresh Rajappa

DB Design & App Dev 11:30 AM Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development Carlos Femmer

DB Design & App Dev 01:30 PM Conceptual Data Modeling: Defining Our Data Eli Weinstock-Herman

DB Design & App Dev 2:45 PM 3rd Normal Form: That's crazy talk!!! Thomas LeBlanc

DB Design & App Dev 4:00 PM Parallelism Options in .NET 4.0 Al Manint

Microsoft .NET Framework from Scratch 9:00 AM Microsoft .NET Framework from Scratch Keith Elder

SQL Admin I 07:30 AM Basic SQL Server Steve Jones

SQL Admin I 9:00 AM Common TSQL Programming Mistakes Kevin Boles

SQL Admin I 10:15 AM An Introduction to Profiler and SQL Trace Trevor Barkhouse

SQL Admin I 11:30 AM Database Maintenance Essentials Brad McGehee

SQL Admin I 01:30 PM Understanding Storage Systems and SQL Server Wesley Brown

SQL Admin I 2:45 PM Running mixed workloads on SQL Server Jason Massie

SQL Admin I 4:00 PM Beginning Powershell Sean McCown

SQL Admin II 9:00 AM Best Practices Every SQL Server DBA Must Know Brad McGehee

SQL Admin II 10:15 AM Introduction to DMVs in SQL 2005/2008 William Assaf

SQL Admin II 11:30 AM SSIS and Powershell: A winning combination Sean McCown

SQL Admin II 01:30 PM SQL Server Memory Deep Dive Kevin Boles

SQL Admin II 2:45 PM Deciding if VMs are a good choice for your SQL Svr Denny Cherry

SQL Admin II 4:00 PM A PowerShell Cookbook for DBAs Trevor Barkhouse

SSIS\BI 07:30 AM Build Your First SSIS Package Tim Mitchell

SSIS\BI 9:00 AM Data Mining in Action: A case study Drew Minkin

SSIS\BI 10:15 AM Dynamic SSIS with Expressions and Configurations Tim Mitchell

SSIS\BI 11:30 AM CDC + SSIS = SCD Patrick LeBlanc

SSIS\BI 01:30 PM MDX 101 Bryan Smith

SSIS\BI 2:45 PM ssis templates: the easy way to win. Tim Costello

SSIS\BI 4:00 PM SQL Source Control: Poor man's data dude. Tim Costello

Thomas LeBlanc