Tuesday, September 18, 2012

24 Hours of PASS: Hosting Rod Colledge–BI in Sharepoint

The Virtual Chapters of PASS are asked to host sessions during this Fall’s 24 Hours of PASS preview for the PASS Summit in Seattle, WA Nov 5th-9th. The Data Architecture VC gets to host Rod presenting on BI Architecture With SQL 2012 & SharePoint 2010. This is a good preview of Rod presentation skills for the pre-conference session, Dashboards with Dashboard Designer & PerformancePoint Services 2010 [BID-398-P], he is doing on Monday during the Summit. I am actually attending the session to help with some PerformancePoint dashboards I am working on at Turner.

The Data Architecture virtual chapter has monthly webcast by SQL Server experts in the community. October will have Dr. SQL – Louis Davidson – presenting part 2 of his session on Designing for Common Problems with SQL Server.

The 24 Hours of PASS have being going on for the past 3-4 years with the fall session representing some of the pre-conference and spotlight sessions for the PASS Summit. I really enjoy going to at least one of these precons each year while at the Summit. It has always been a good one day training on a subject.

24 Hours of PASS

Please go register for 24-Hours of PASS and the Summit and get some training for SQL Server

BI Architecture With SQL 2012 & SharePoint 2010
This session will cover new BI features in SQL Server 2012 including Power View, PowerPivot, Report Alerts and SSRS Integration with SharePoint Server 2010. It will then focus on the importance of Self-Service BI and how it fits into an overall enterprise Business Intelligence architecture. This session will be rich with demos of all the new BI tools and the use of PerformancePoint Services to create Business Intelligence Dashboards. Attend and discover the awesome power of the latest release of the Microsoft BI Platform.

Rod Colledge
Principal Consultant, StrataDB
Rod Colledge is the Director and Co-Founder of StrataDB, a leading Australian-based provider of SQL Server solutions to clients in the Corporate, Government, and Education sectors. With over 15 years of SQL Server experience, Rod's ongoing commitment and depth of knowledge was recognized in 2010 with a Microsoft MVP award for SQL Server. Rod leads StrataDB's Business Intelligence practice and has authored or contributed to three books, including the "SQL Server MVP Deep Dives" series. He's a sought-after speaker at both local and international SQL Server conferences.

BI Dashboards with Dashboard Designer & PerformancePoint Services 2010 [BID-398-P]
Session Category: Pre-Conference Session (full day)
Session Track: BI Information Delivery
Speaker(s): Rod Colledge
During this demo-rich dashboard design deep dive, we'll begin with an introduction to Business Intelligence and PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint 2010. Then, we'll cover the basics of creating dashboards with the Dashboard Designer tool. We'll look at some of the more advanced areas, including SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel Services dashboard integration, before taking an in-depth look at the process of creating scorecards and KPIs. We'll finish up with a look at how we can get the different items on a dashboard page to interact with each other, and the power of Time Intelligence.