Thursday, April 1, 2010

SQLSaturday Baton Rouge

Great lunch with the planning group. Looks like we will have 9 total tracks, 5 SQL Server and 4 development.

The submitted sessions have us about 75% full with addtional sessions and alternates available.

I spoke last year, but was not involved with the planning. Alot of good people helping.

This week at work required some DBA reviews of developers code. I am also reading an 2008 Analysis Service book which has been great. Microsoft gave us a copy and I am on chapter 12, with 4-5 to go.

It seems the tool is great, but the design has to follow some best pratices in order to work well as designed. The are many properties to change in a dimension or cube to get the output just right. Another case of if you do not start using it, you will forget where to adjust output.

God Bless,

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