Friday, July 30, 2010

SQLSaturday, BI and What I am reading

SQLSaturday # 28 ( is coming to Baton Rouge on August 14th at LSU in the CEBA building. We have 58 sessions and 490+ registered attendees.

This is the second SQLSaturday for BR thanks to SQL Server MVP Patrick LeBlanc leadership and employees of Sparkhound and Antares as well as LSU. Patrick is my brother from a different mother.

I spoke last year on RML Utilities and SQLNexus, but this year the session I will be presenting is “Third Normal Form: That’s Crazy Talk” ( This seems to be my calling as a presentation that I have locked down. Volunteering has been interesting as we watch things change month to month by our fearless leader and great politician.

The other news is I have started a new position at Amedisys, moving from Senior DBA to BI Data Integration Lead Developer. The last 3 weeks have been filled with meetings and documentation review. They have already assigned me tech specs to complete, assist with latest Data Mart ETL and improve performance on the End of Month process. My whole career has revolved around normalized databases, which I am very passionate about. Changing my thinking is difficult (I am 42), and seems to be the biggest barrier. Please pray for me.

Louis Davidson's book Pro SQL Server 2008 Relational Database Design and Implementation (  is a great and long read that I believe is very comprehensive when it comes to educational reading for database design. I am using the reading of this book to help me prepare for SQLSaturday #28 as well as Houston TechFest (  on Oct. 9th. It looks like Houston has accepted 2 sessions, the one above and Whiteboarding Normalization ( for their sessions packed event.

Wish me luck, and come back for some more talk about Normalization, and Denormalization at this blog.

God Bless,
Thomas LeBlanc


  1. Wow you are a speaking machine!

  2. Please invite LSU dudes to the SQLSaturday on August 14th. Plenty of good sessions for all areas.