Thursday, September 8, 2011

Database Standards: Links to past blogs

After a great session on 24 Hours of PASS, lots of people wanted the SOP document. While I cannot give the one from the company to you, here is a post of the links to the blogs about them

Parts 1 thru 6 and Lookup tables. Please review and place comments on the blog!!!

Database Standards Part I: Defs, Abbreviation & Data Types

Database Standards Part II: Schemas, Tables & View and Columns

Database Standards Part III: Indexes, Constraints & Primary/Foreign Keys

Database Standards Part IV: Stored Procedures

Database Standards Part V: Triggers and User-defined Functions

 Database Standards Part VI: code and design

Lookup tables

I will answer the other questions in a blog next week as soon as I can get come reliable answers. Thanks again for attending and all the great questions and comments. Thanks to PASS for this opportunity

God Bless,


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