Monday, February 27, 2012

Another 24 Hours of PASS

Nothing like a 24 hour barrage of SQL Server training for FREE!!! Did I mention it was free?

The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter will be hosting Ami Levin for his presentation Where Are My (Primary) Keys. It will be 5AM Central for me, but I am excited to be hosting Ami.

Ami did an excellent job on explaining Physical Join Operators at last year’s PASS Summit. I was very impressed with the presentation skills, visual props (he used a large deck of cards to show Nested/Merge/Hash joins) and his sense of humor. Ami uploaded a script from his presentation that allowed me to follow up on the presentation while viewing the recording as well as additional examples with comments above each script. He session alone for enough for one day, so I am really excited to see him present again.

The PASS board has decided the let the Virtual Chapters help moderate and select sessions this year for #24HOP. What most of the attendees of 24 Hours of PASS, the Summit and SQLRally do not know is that the Virtual Chapters host these same speakers all during the year with the same level of presentations. Did I mention it was free? This years #24HOP (Twitter has tag) will give the Virtual Chapters an opportunity to advertise sessions, recruit speakers and get volunteers to help with the VC. 

The Data Architecture VC could really use some help!!! E-mail us at if you want to help. The following are opportunities to help this chapter:

  1. LiveMeeting Host: These people contact the speaker to practice and make sure the LiveMeeting works. He or she will come online 30 minutes before the meeting to get it started, then a 5 minute intro of the VC and the speaker. During the session, he/she will help moderate questions and close the session for the speaker at the end. There is also a recording to be started and stopped.
  2. Marketing: This job helps get word out on Twitter/Megaphone/UGS, get some Bloggers to talk about the upcoming session and get some SQL Server websites to help broadcast the meeting announcement to others. The marketing job can include using DotNetNuke to manage the website.
  3. Speaker Coordinator: Speakers are need to keep the VC going each month. This is really cool job because you get to meet some of the great SQL Server community servants that share of their time and talents. Other duties include getting the abstract and bio from the speaker a month ahead to get on the website

Any of these positions can be shared with one another and is highly suggested. There are SQL PASS employees and board members dedicated to helping us be successful. Of course, the best lessons are learned through experience.

Of course, none of this happens without Sponsors. That is why, did I mention it is FREE!!! Thank you Microsoft and SQLSentry. SQLSentry is now famous for its free version of Plan Explorer. If you tune queries and look at Execution Plans, your SQL Tool Belt needs this free tool. They also have a cool scheduler to compliment the Analysis tools.




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