Saturday, May 26, 2012

SQL Saturday #132 Pensacola and Wheeling, WV PASS UG

I have 2 upcoming speaker opportunities in June and am very excited about presenting this material.

June 9th is in the 4th annual SQL Saturday in Pensacola. Karla and Mark Holmes look like they have setup a great event for IT professionals. The schedule is posted here and registration here. There is even a Pre-con on Friday. I spoke last year for the first time in Pensacola, but the Baton Rouge community of IT speakers have been going for all four years.


The first session is Execution Plan Beyond Basics. I did this one at the local Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group about 3 months ago, and was not able to get through all the material because there are lots of questions. Especially, questions like ‘If that is a problem, how do you fix it.’ The usual answer is ‘It depends’. The end of the presentation has some suggested tools to help answer these questions: For indexing, the Database Tuning Advisor Wizard and Missing Index suggestions and for better analysis of the query plan, SQLSentry’s Plan Explorer, but nothing beats heads down analysis of the query and database design. I have removed about 3-4 examples, so it can be finished in an hour.


The second is a new session on ETL with SSIS 2012. I decided to limit this session to 3 new topics: Change Data Capture control(s), the DQS component and the SSIS Catalog.  There are too many new features to cover them all, so I decided to demo the ones I am using at work with new development. The CDC is really a neat feature, which changes the design of the ETL flow in development of incremental loads.

John Sterret, my favorite pirate, asked me to do a remote Execution Plan Basics session for the Wheeling PASS User Group on June 21st. This one is a beginner level query plan session to get a DBA or developer familiar with reading a plan and understanding why some iterators are used. It is not for DBA beginners, but for developers or DBAs that are having to start tuning queries.


Well, that is all for now, but July and August are looking promising for some more remote presentations and a SQL Saturday in Baton Rouge.

God Bless!!!

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