Monday, May 6, 2013

SQLSaturday Atlanta #220–May 18th

I am pleased to be selected to present a session on Analysis Services at the Atlanta SQLSaturday this May 18th at Georgia State University. If you follow @SQLPass and #SQLSatAtl on twitter, you might have seen tweets about 775+ registered attendees for this event. You can still get on the waiting list if you really want to attend. So what does this mean? There are going to be lots of networking along with some of the great speakers sharing their SQL Server knowledge.

It is going to be cool to talk with Bill Pearson again, visit with Adam Machanic and Louis Davidson, plus get to sit in on sessions from Stacia Misner, Teo Lachev and Mellissa Coates. I wish I had time to go to a Brave’s baseball game, but I will instead go to the Speaker Dinner Friday night and the after-party on Saturday, then fly home.

Below is my session:

Attributes & Hierarchies in Analysis Services 2012

The session explains Attributes and Hierarchies in Analysis Services 2012 Semantic Model. They are used to slice (filter) and dice (group) measures and dimensions used to view analytical data. The slicing and dicing of data involves fields, columns, or whatever you want to labeled them. But, in SQL Server Semantic model these are called Attributes and Hierarchies. The configuration of these slicers and dicers are important in SQL Server Analysis Services. This session will demonstrate the difference between an attribute and columns in a hierarchy in the dimension as well as the configuration of these for best performance and viewing.

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