Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Houston Tech Fest 2013

I am traveling (driving) with the family to Houston to present on SSIS 2012 at Houston Tech Fest 2013 at the Reliant Center. The session in the first of the morning in the database track. SSIS 2012 has lots of new features, but this presentation focuses Change Data Capture component, Data Quality Services (DQS) and the SSIS Catalog. All during the presentation are 10-15 other new features used for the demos. The session is about 90% demo.

Please come get some free training and network with other IT professionals.

Using SSIS 2012 for ETL in a Data Warehouse


This session will go through some old and new features of Integration Service 2012 to help with loading data into a Data Warehouse/Mart. The GUI has been improved visually during design and execution. The storage of packages has been update with Integration Service Catalogs. The Change Data Capture task helps with incremental updates. Logging has been improved for debugging. A demostration of creating your own Slowly Changing Dimension with current Tasks will be shown with some design hints

Session 1
Track Database
Time 9:30-10:30
Room Room 308

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