Saturday, September 27, 2014

PASS got it right

This morning I received an email (really 3 emails) about an extension for voting for the Board of Directors giving anyone registered with PASS before June of 2014. I think this is fair and gives those that have been active, but did not update their profile a chance to vote.

I read some posts about not being able to vote, passwords exposed, etc. with concern but patience. One thing I have learned over the years is I have to listen to all sides of the story before making a statement. Usually, I do not do this because of my inpatient personality. This happened with work this past Friday while I should have been enjoying PTO because of the birth of my son. :)

PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) has enabled me and many others I know, advance in our careers. There is money involved with this organization, and I think that causes some tension in our minds. I really believe some have voiced concern to get more attention to their blog (which is their consultant company).

I received 3 emails because I have at some point in the past registered with PASS under 3 different accounts. I do not remember why and when I did this, but I need to inactivate the 2 I do not use. This is my part in helping PASS maintain the list of valid members.

I read Andy Warren’s post about who he is voting for and why, and see the problems with PASS opening the association to more than just SQL Server professionals. I actually agree with him even though my career is migrating from a DBA role to Business Analytics. I also agree with his suggestions for the following years.

Here is why I was on PTO last week.

DSCN1425    DSCN1421