Thursday, July 19, 2012

SQL Saturday #150 and TechDay Baton Rouge–BI 1 track

The SQL Saturday/TechDay in Baton Rouge will be the forth annual this year. The Business Intelligence sessions occupy 2 tracks this year. This blog will be about the speakers from first track.

The full schedule can be found here.

8:20AM - Introduction to SSIS with a Real-World Example

SSIS is a powerful and east to use data Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool SSIS providing a rich set of components to perform the most common ETL tasks with “drag-and-drop” ease. Packages can be constructed with rigorous error and exception handling as well as verbose logging allowing deployment of robust ETL processes.. This session will demonstrate a process for loading a comma-delimited data file into a staging table for further processing then validating the data and moving specific data into host tables using a a thorough example of a non-trivial ETL project with “real” data. The intended audience includes beginning SSIS developers, DBAs, and anyone with a desire to experience the magic of data management with this remarkable tool.

Session Level: Beginner

Ron Johnson

A 20 year veteran of the IT industry with over 10 years experience as a software engineer Ron is a seasoned SQL Server performance optimization professional.Ron is currently supporting various clients as a consulting DBA specializing in PTO,Replication,HA/DR,and Security with Xtivia, Inc. a full-service IT company with offices in Dallas,TX, Colorado Springs,CO,and Edison,NJ.Ron earned a M.Sc. in Computer Science and a B.Sc. in Physics.Ron has 10 years of experience as an adjunct faculty member.

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9:35AM Using SSIS 2012 for ETL in a Data Warehouse

This session will go through some old and new features of Integration Service 2012 to help with loading data into a Data Warehouse/Mart. The GUI has been improved visually during design and execution. The storage of packages has been update with Integration Service Catalogs. The Change Data Capture task helps with incremental updates. Logging has been improved for debugging. A demostration of creating your own Slowly Changing Dimension with current Tasks will be shown with some design hints.

Session Level: Advanced

Thomas LeBlanc 

Thomas is a Senior DBA at Turner Industries in Baton Rouge, LA. Worked in the IT field for 21 years experience w/ COBOL dBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, VB 3 thru 6 and .Net(C#). Designing and developing normalized database has become his passion. Full-time DBA work started about 9 years ago. He has been blessed with speaking at SQLRally at SQLPass in 2011. Thomas’ free time is spent helping other & improving his relationship with family & God.

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10:50AM BI in the Cloud

In this session we will take a look at some strategies for building Business Intelligence solutions on the Windows Azure platform. We’ll see methods for transferring on-premises data to the cloud, report deployment to Windows Azure Reporting Services and options for performing ad-hoc analysis. We’ll look at some of the challenges faced when moving BI into the cloud, such as high-performance ETL, schema management and transient fault handling.

Session Level: Beginner

David Liebman

Speaker photoI’m a developer specializing in .Net, SQL, and SSRS development for over five years of the eighteen years I have spent in the IT Industry. I have experience working for some big companies in Financial, Healthcare, and Insurance. I have written some custom reporting solutions and web applications for Large Companies in the Tampa Bay area using .Net, SSRS, and SQL. I’m currently a Sr. Developer at AgileThought that is leader in software development and system integration services in Tampa FL.

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1:10PM - Moving to a data warehouse

This presentation will walk through the key concepts and decisions necessary for moving from a transactional system to an analytical system based on a data warehouse. Concepts and demonstrations will be based on the process implemented at the LSU Highway Safety Research Group as the case study. The discussion will be based on a more business approach while also presenting technical details.

Session Level: Beginner

Cory Hutchinson 

Cory Hutchinson currently serves as the Associate Director for the Highway Safety Research Group (HSRG) at Louisiana State University and the Coordinator of the Louisiana Traffic Records Coordinator Committee (LA TRCC). Cory oversees all IT related projects within HSRG including business analytics, web site design, data quality analysis, electronic crash data collection, data reporting, disaster recovery, graphical information systems, business intelligence, and crash data integration.

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2:25pm - SSIS for ETL in the Enterprise Environment

Design walkthrough of an ETL solution developed using the Microsoft SSIS system for an enterprise level Data Warehouse. Managing the ETL process migration from a single data warehousing SQL Server to a multi-server environment can often be a complex task. This session will walk you through the design of a ETL system that has been created for such a scenario. The design takes into consideration several of the shortcomings inherent in the SSIS system and provides a structure for coordinated loading and processing of data from extraction to presentation.

Session Level: Intermediate

Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy is the Data Warehouse Manager for Pool Corporation out of Covington Louisiana. Developing aspects of BI solution at Pool Corporation for the past seven years and with additional companies for an additional three years, Paul has developed and maintains the current ETL, Data Warehouse, and BI systems for the company. Experienced with working the intergration of Microsoft SQL products such as SSIS, SSDE, SSRS, and SSAS with various transactional systems and E-Commerce Websites

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