Monday, July 16, 2012

PASS BI/DW presents Dimensional Modeling 101–by me…

With a little help from the Kimball Group, I have become somewhat knowledgeable with the Data Mart dimension model approach to Data Warehousing. The PASS DW/BI Virtual Chapter has graciously allowed me to present on Dimensional Modeling. I am not an expert, so this is an introduction to what I have learned over the years.

At Crown Vantage (a paper mill), I was tasked to move a data warehouse from the old (bankrupt) home office to the lone paper that was left. After reading A Diary to Data Warehousing, I found out that our office (Sales) just needed a Data Mart, and did not need a Data Warehouse for the nightly reports. Years later I was a DBA at Amedisys and started to help the BI team performance tune the SQL. This led me to the BI department of Amedisys.

Please join me tomorrow if interest in a level 101 intro to Dimensional Modeling!!!

Tues July 17th 11:30am - 12:30pm Central

Dimensional Modeling 101

Speaker: Thomas LeBlanc


This session is going to help create a dimensional Data Mart from the AdventureWorks database that includes dimension tables and 2 example fact tables. The Kimball spreadsheet for documenting a Data Mart will be used to re-enforce the need for Requirements and Functional specifications. A brief review of ETL for Slowly Changing Dimension and population of the Fact will be demonstrated as well as a simple cube for reporting.

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